Pine Works

World-class apps, websites, and digital products designed and built with good ethics and strong opinions.

We make beautiful, usable, and reliable native apps and websites. We build things the right way using best practices and good taste. And we can help your team make great decisions to shape its future.

We’ve worked with Dark Sky, NASA, Toyota Connected, the University of Chicago, Frontier Co-op, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, W. L. Gore, and more.

Say We’ll make something great together.


Pine Works was founded by Anthony Colangelo and Ryan Irelan.

Most Pine Works projects include other collaborators from our highly-talented network of the best practitioners across design, development, project management, and strategy.

We might bring in a designer specializing in long-form content if the project needs that. Or, we might tag one who is a better fit for native app design when working on an iOS or Android project.

Some projects need content strategists with deep experience working with large organizations, but others might involve a single person collaborating with a team on technical strategy or building something great on a short timeline or within a tight budget.


Native Application Design & Development

We have designed and built iOS and Mac apps that have topped the charts in the App Store and have been featured by Apple several times.

From apps used by millions of people to check the weather or to manage their online store to internal enterprise products that make organizations more efficient, we build best-in-class native applications.

If you’re looking for help building that Android app you keep getting asked about, we’ll also tap into our network to handle that.

Web Design & Development

Pine Works has built large-scale content websites with complex publishing workflows, and we’ve built laser-focused web applications that improve experiences for internal and external audiences.

We typically work with Laravel, Svelte, React, Next.js, Vue.js, Tailwind, Craft CMS, and good ol’ hand-coded HTML like this site.

That said, we pride ourselves on being pragmatic generalists. If what you like working with isn’t on that list, that’s cool. We probably have worked with it previously and would likely do so again in the right ways.

Technical Direction & Leadership

We can bring our decades of experience and expertise right to your team, serving as tech directors and providing guidance where it’s most needed. We’ve worked with teams of all shapes and sizes on projects equally as diverse, so we’re ready for anything you can throw at us.

We’ll take part in some of your team meetings each month, provide insight on architecture, help shape a project roadmap, scope them accordingly, and even help define what sort of team structure you should build if you’re looking to grow.

We can also scale this engagement up or down depending on what your organization needs. For example, maybe you need just one of us to provide insight on ways to clean up a messy architecture and save ongoing costs and maintenance. Or perhaps you need two of us to help scope and plan a re-platforming effort.

You might even need us to get in-depth with your team, perform code reviews, help with low-level feature planning and execution strategy, and maybe get into the code itself.

Let’s Work Together

Send us a message at and let us know what you’re working on and how we can be of help.

We’d love to get to know you and what it is that drives you to do what you do. If you want the same from us…

Anthony can be found at, and on Twitter at @acolangelo. Careful, he’s probably talking about space.

Ryan can be found at, and on Twitter at @ryanirelan. But to be honest, he’s probably outside running.